"Is everybody naked?" yelled the ringmaster.

The assembled gathering nodded with excitement, glancing at each other and wondering who destiny would choose for them. Claire shivered at the thought of what was to come.

"Right! Let the games begin!" There was a general cheer, and then the ringmaster spun the wheel. The colours whirled as the pegs slapped past the rubber marker and gradually slowed. The Wheel of Fornication sidled past Fisting and Vegetables and landed on Girl-girl. The crowd cheered again as the ringmaster picked two names out of a hat.

"Jacqui and Emma," he called. "You’re up. Remember, you’ve got five minutes and you each have to orgasm in that time, or you’re out."

The two women moved onto the large mattress in the middle of the room, and began to passionately kiss. Claire watched them with interest, feeling her cunt throb as she responded to the scene. It was definitely going to be a good night.

She hadn’t known exactly what was planned at the swinger’s party, although she always expected something odd. Gatherings of people having group sex were always outrageous, if only because they were so out of the ordinary. But she’d never been to one quite like this. Her friend Peter was hosting it, and it must have been him that came up with the idea.

She looked over to him, and found him looking at her with fierce lust in his eyes. She smiled back at him, and then consciously ran her hands down her body for him, just to tease him a little.

The other members of the audience were enjoying the action before them. Jacqui was lying on her back...

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